nvda with firefox, thunderbird and windows explorer

Pete <emac00@...>

When I have firefox, thunderbird and windows explorer opened in windows 7 pro 64 bit and nvda latest running insert t will give me the incorect title when pressed in windows explorer. Insert t will report the title as one of the firefox window s that is opened. Closing windows explorer and reopening it will not fix the problem. Neither will going to view and refresh. I tryed reloding plugins in the nvda tools menu and lost the ability to read thunderbird messages, or atleast the one I was writing to the list befor this one. Insert stil reports the title incorectly in windows explorer. I had firefox and thunderbird opened since last night. I do not have any adobe products installed nor do I have any of the java software installed. I only have important updates selected in windows update, and dot net is the same as what came with windows 7 pro 64 bit. I didn't try restarting nvda but wil try it now. OK, restarting nvda via insert q and selecting restart restarted nvda and insert t is reporting the correct title in windows explorer now. Reloading the plugins didn't fix this isue. Should it have?

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