Re: Adobe Digital Editions & NVDA work again

amir din


thanks for informing. but, i am reading google playbooks using this
software. and some books don't have the text inside, meaning image
containing text not text. on the phone, google do the ocr for screen
reader users. but when reading with adobe digital editions, i get empty
pages. the books are drm protected so cannot use another ocr apps to get
the text. is there any way for me to still read this type of books?

and using the google playbooks on the web also nvda didnt read it
because no text.


على ٠٦/٠٢/٤١ ‫١٢:٢٦ ص، كتب Annukka:

Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who answered me about NVDA & Digital Editions problem. I installed Adobeäs version 4. Something. And now it works like a dream. It doesn't finnish reading anymore. Its so lovely to read e-books again.

I wish you nice week-end.

Best Regards


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