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I agree, I have been using a lot of stuff.

I even brought the applian stuff to use and while I did use it at one point, I now use pontes media downloader.

It uses youtube dl, and ffmpeg and can download both webm and mp4 streams and convert to just about everything including, apple, ios, mp4 audio, mp3 and flac and maybe a few more formats to.

Its a lot more stable.

I used to use youtube dlg for a while, but the redesigned 0.4 and up are completely inaccessible and its version of youtube dl is just not coping with things.

Pontes media downloader is oracle java based and it just does.

It doesn't have the progress bars and does use a lot of cpu when working but java notifies start and finnish as well as sending windows notifications.

The system pulls youtube fast and has handled playlists.

You do have to kill nvda when installing it but its good for what it is and for a free java based app is really good for its interface.

On 5/10/2019 6:16 pm, Arlene wrote:

, I use ponds no problem. Been using it for years. I used songer and it quit. Then went to ponds and it works.


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Subject: [nvda] downloading from you tube


hey all

what program for windows would you all recommend for my subject line

i used ponds, then it stopped

i use 4 k video downloader, the same happened

i use sound r, the same thing happen


what to use with NVDA?




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