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I wouldn't use the dvdvideosoft products for 1 reason.

Opencandy which is a unwanted program previder and uniblue which are one of these programs, dvdvideosoftware stuff is full of spyware that will mangle things.

I used to use that for a while but eventually the spyware situation became a lot of programs and a lot of extras that crippled windows.

I struggled with it for 5 years, but after having to reformat just about every time I updated it because of more and more spyware installed and even with it removed th mangled nature of windows needing me to reformat, for what I used the software for what it was I had to reevaluate its use.

Same was for  cdex to.

I tried the applian stuff but some important bits are mouse only and while I can set it up, and while yes for the price its really good pro software  I don't use it enough.

I used to use youtube2mp3 and others but stopped doing that.

Now every software package has its issues.

For me the pontes stuff will jump into the file menu when you hit alt to switch tabs, and that can be a little infuriating at times but its just a small niggle.

Sometimes a video in a playlist can not be processed due to, an error with a hex value but thats about it.

While there are options to update its components I never have to so it must update itself all the time and thats fine with me.

On 5/10/2019 7:43 pm, Florian Ionașcu wrote:

I recommend you to use Pontes Media Downloader or Free YouTube to MP3 Converter from DVD Video Soft. Pontes Media Downloader is absolutely free, and Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter has a premium version. Both of them can be used with NVDA.

La 05.10.2019 04:15, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io a scris:
hey all
what program for windows would you all recommend for my subject line
i used ponds, then it stopped
i use 4 k video downloader, the same happened
i use sound r, the same thing happen
what to use with NVDA?

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