Re: Using FileZilla for FTP


I don't use the current version, mine is rather old.  My understanding is, however, that the current version is accessible, though perhaps not quite as accessible as some older versions.  I use my version with NVDA.
You don't say what you are doing, uploading something, downloading something, nor whether you can successfully log into the server.  And we don't know the procedure you are following for uploading or downloading.
There are other FTP clients blind people use but I haven't used any.

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Sent: Friday, October 04, 2019 11:06 PM
Subject: [nvda] Using FileZilla for FTP

I have attempted to use FileZilla with NVDA to do some FTP file
transfers, but I have been unable to do so successfully.  Is FileZilla
accessible with NVDA and if so, are there any tutorials or help files
available.  Is there better program to use for FTP transfers?

Rich De Steno

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