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Sukil Etxenike <sukiletxe@...>

Yes, it will fail but nothing special will happen. The portable itself will work in any supported Windows version.

El 22/07/2016 a las 9:19, Brian's Mail list account escribió:
If I create a portable version of nvda from a machine running say, windows7 over the network to a machine running XP. does the new copy try to look for UIA on the new machine fail and sort itself out or not when its run.
I ask this as if one puts a portable version, say on a stick or worse, a cd then moves it around between operating systems, from a version created the other way around, ie on the xp machine, does this then mean it will not see uia on a newer machine. I've not tried this yet, but I just wondered if anyone knew to avoid me trying it.

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