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We need to discuss why the various programs mentioned either stopped working for the person asking the question, or are thought to have stopped working.  At this point, it may be that any recommended program will either stop, or appear to stop working, given the first message.  I think it would be best to discuss Pontes Media Downloader first, since I suspect that is the most widely used program by people on the list.  But others may want to discuss other programs.
Also, I think that soon, it will be asked that the discussion be moved to the chat list so I hope those who want to participate are members.

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You can use 3dyd64. It's working properly and it has a portable versionm

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Às 02:15 de 05-10-2019, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io escreveu:

hey all
what program for windows would you all recommend for my subject line
i used ponds, then it stopped
i use 4 k video downloader, the same happened
i use sound r, the same thing happen
what to use with NVDA?
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