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I am afraid there is a certain amount of arrogance in some who think they know it all and expect others to have that same knowledge base, or literally elbowing aside those who don't.  This is precisely why the NVDA Help list came into being.

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Don’t you think this message is a bit harsh? Don’t forget that you probably had to have help searching for something at one time.




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Google osara and sws for reaper, then follow the directions in the reaper access wiki google that to. As well as joining the group on groups.io that was mensioned already. If you have any issues post them here. We are all happy to help, but we don't do much hand holding.

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Here can I find the plugin?


Ângelo Abrantes

Às 15:33 de 05-10-2019, Brian Vogel escreveu:

There is a dedicated group on Groups.io, Reapers without Peepers, for those using screen readers to work with Reaper.

Audacity is quite accessible.


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