Re: Using FileZilla for FTP


Hi there.

File Zilla is mostly accessible, but another option that might do for you is Win SCP. I just use the portable one and like it quite a lot. The transfer queue is a more traditional list view, and is easier to navigate and understand than the File Zilla one.

Older versions of Win SCP however are very sluggish, the newest one I have here is not, so try and ensure you're trying out the latest one when you give it a go.

On 10/5/2019 12:06 AM, Rich DeSteno wrote:
I have attempted to use FileZilla with NVDA to do some FTP file transfers, but I have been unable to do so successfully.  Is FileZilla accessible with NVDA and if so, are there any tutorials or help files available.  Is there better program to use for FTP transfers?

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