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You don't use copy and paste.  Whenever you work with a program and want to do something like this, check the context menu.  Select the files you want to upload by moving to one or more filenames and use the standard ways of selecting multiple files such as control space, then open the context menu.  You should find the relevant command.  In my old version, one command is upload.  Always check to see if there is a context menu and what is in it when performing such operations if you don't see or can't use the way you expect..
For downloading, to download multiple files, or just one, select it or them, and press enter.  If you open the context menu, you will see the relevant command but just pressing enter executes the download or transfer command, or whatever the command is called.
I don't know if the new versions do this, but in my version after I start a download, if I tab once, press home, then down arrow, I am on a line with download information that can be read with read current line.  Unless things have changed regarding accessibility, once you know how to use it, FileZilla is an excellent program. 
I'd have to look for it, but I did a tutorial years ago on its use.  It may need to be updated because it addresses problems that no longer exist and I didn't know one or two ways of doing things more efficiently at the time.  But it will give you a good idea of how to use the program in terms of organization and should facilitate exploration and experimentation.
I'll send the tutorial in a different message but I suspect that any time now, the discussion will be closed here.  I won't discuss the program further here.  If I don't send the tutorial here, it will be because the topic is closed and it will be sent to the chat group. 

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Yeah, the last time I use FileZilla, I was unsuccessful. I couldn't
bring files from the local system over to the server by copy and paste
for some reason.

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