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Here is the tutorial.  It was written in 2013 so it may not all still apply.  Also, I gave an easier way to find download and, I believe, upload information in a previous message in the thread.  I didn't know it then.
But this message should give you a reasonable idea of how to use the program. 
I won't discuss the program further on the list.  Those with questions may get help in the chat group or on a list like Blindtech or Techtalk, or whatever general discussion group you choose.
Below is an introduction to fileZilla I compiled awhile ago.  The material is compiled from messages I wrote answering questions on its use so the material is not organized in the way it would be if I had written material in a unified manner. 
Message 1.
Regarding installing the program,
it's a standard installation. There is no reason to change any default
settings, as I recall.
Once installed and running, open the menus and in
the file menu, open the site manager. Tab
to the new site button and
activate it with the space bar. There will be various fields where you
can enter the appropriate information. The first field is for the name of
the site. this is
what you want to call it. For example, you might want to call it books.  Type what you want Then tab
around the dialog, entering information where appropriate. Note the radio buttons in one of the fields regarding how you will login.  The default is anonymous.  You need to select normal or account to be able to enter information in fields such as user.  If you don't, these fields are read only.  
use the save and exit button to save the site and close the dialog. Now,
open site manager again, down arrow in the tree view to the name you
the site. Tab to the connect button and press the space bar. You will be
connected after a pause. In future, if you used this site last, just open
fileZilla and use the quick
connect command, control r to reconnect to the
site. It will reconnect and go to the last folder you were in. Once you
are connected, you will get to where you want to be much more
quickly if
you shift tab through the fields in the main program window. If you have
problems understanding what you see as you move, let us know. If you are
familiar with list views
and tree views, you probably won't have much
problem understanding the structure.
To begin downloading a file, just
find it and press enter. If you are going to download multiple
files, the manager of the FTP server may not want you to do multiple downloads at once.  You can select lots of files to download or an entire folder but you may want or need to check to see if multiple connections are allowed.  If they are, you can download more than one file simultaneously.  If they aren't, you will be using one connection and you will be downloading one file at a time, one after the other if you have selected more than one file or an entire folder. 
the default setting in fileZilla is to use multiple connections.  To change this,you
need to open the menus, find the cue menu, then find, in that menu an item
that says use multiple connections and press enter to uncheck that option.
You need to do this
every time you open the program and want to download
multiple files. You select multiple files as you do in any list. You can
permanently change this setting so you don't have to
repeatedly change it
by working with the settings available from an item in the edit menu.
there is an item in the edit menu called settings you can open, then you
will find all sorts of
settings you can change.
To see the progress of a download, route the virtual mouse, the
Window-eyes mouse
pointer or whatever your screen-reader uses, to the
window. Start at the bottom and move up. You will see a line with
information about the remaining time, download speed, etc.
Message 2.
You get messages such as command and response because they are appearing
as they are executed in the fileZilla window. You shouldn't be hearing
them spoken unless you have the screen echo set to all. You can look at
these messages with your screen-reader's simulated mouse to see what is
going on if there is any problem. to use Filezilla easily, shift tab,
after waiting about twenty seconds from the time you activate the quick
connect button. You will see an item you can ignore. You will then be in
a list view of what is on the FtP server. Treat this as you would any
list of files and folders.
Find the item you want and press enter to start the download.  You can select multiple files as you can in any standard list.  If you want to download a folder and keep its name and structure, don't open the folder.  Stop on it's name, open the context menu, find download and press enter.  The folder will be downloaded.
To control
where the download is placed, before starting the download, shift tab
until you get to the list of files and folders on your computer. It will
be two or three times, depending on how you have the program configured.
Treat this list as you would any list. Find the folder you want the file
to be sent to, press enter to open the folder, then tab back to the file
you want to download and press enter. The download will begin.
Experiment. Look through menus. Tab
around the main program window. See how things are set up. If you have
more problems, let the list know.
Here is more information about determining the status of a download.
Message 3.
Whichever screen-reader you are using, you route the cursor that simulates the mouse to the FileZilla window.  Then move to the bottom of the window and start moving up line by line.  You will see a line showing the percent of the download completed and other information such as the current speed of the download.  If a download is not in progress, you won't see this line of information.  If it is, you always will.  You can see a number of messages about what has happened if you look around the screen.  If you start at the top, after moving down a few lines, you will see a number of messages, each on a separate line.  The messages proceed with the oldest at the top.  If there is an error or a problem when you are downloading, if you don't see the line I've described with the information such as the speed of the download, looking at these messages may tell you what the problem is. 
To upload, tab or shift tab to the list that displays files and folders on your computer.  Again, work with this list as you would if you were in My Computer.  find the file or folder you want to upload.  Then open the context menu.  You are probably on an item that says upload.  Check with read current line.  If you aren't, down arrow through the menu until you find it and press enter.  The upload will begin.
End of tutorial
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You don't use copy and paste.  Whenever you work with a program and want to do something like this, check the context menu.  Select the files you want to upload by moving to one or more filenames and use the standard ways of selecting multiple files such as control space, then open the context menu.  You should find the relevant command.  In my old version, one command is upload.  Always check to see if there is a context menu and what is in it when performing such operations if you don't see or can't use the way you expect..
For downloading, to download multiple files, or just one, select it or them, and press enter.  If you open the context menu, you will see the relevant command but just pressing enter executes the download or transfer command, or whatever the command is called.
I don't know if the new versions do this, but in my version after I start a download, if I tab once, press home, then down arrow, I am on a line with download information that can be read with read current line.  Unless things have changed regarding accessibility, once you know how to use it, FileZilla is an excellent program. 
I'd have to look for it, but I did a tutorial years ago on its use.  It may need to be updated because it addresses problems that no longer exist and I didn't know one or two ways of doing things more efficiently at the time.  But it will give you a good idea of how to use the program in terms of organization and should facilitate exploration and experimentation.
I'll send the tutorial in a different message but I suspect that any time now, the discussion will be closed here.  I won't discuss the program further here.  If I don't send the tutorial here, it will be because the topic is closed and it will be sent to the chat group. 
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Yeah, the last time I use FileZilla, I was unsuccessful. I couldn't
bring files from the local system over to the server by copy and paste
for some reason.

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