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Not having the optional updates selected in windows update on windows 7 64 bit pro I found is the easiest way to avoid the upgrade to windows 10 nag.


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All I can tell you is that our charity office had the we are going to update your machine to windows 10 on, and a date, is this OK to the operator hit no, and went and had a cup of tea, only to find it mid way into the update when she got back. Another machine said this so they answered yes and nothing happened until everyone had forgotten and the date came and it started to update.
Myself I have now used never 10 on the two machines running 7, though since removing the windows update that cased the nags I've not seen this prompt as described. its got something also to do with that setting windows anytime upgrade as well I am told but I turned off messages ago. I now have a very long list of not critical but suggested updates I could install. it installs the critical ones without asking of course.

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Are you suggesting that Microsoft will at some point forcibly upgrade people's
machines from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10?

I know there's a free upgrade available, but it's the user's choice whether to
accept it.

If Microsoft have stated that this will one day become a compulsory upgrade,
please point me to any reference confirming this.



On Friday 01 July 2016 at 10:30:16, Shaun Everiss wrote:

One thing though, nvda is going to have to support win10 by the time it
upgrades because home users will get it automatically.
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