Re: what is NVDA's com registration fixing tool?

molly the blind tech lover

Hi ☺
That makes sense ☺

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Hi from me,

It was once when I started my computer that the desktop interface was semi-accessible for me. Then, I decided to run the very tool we're just talking about. After the action had been performed, the accessibility issue was okay again.

So, let's suppose for what purposes the tool is used. 😀

On 06/10/2019 05:46, zahra wrote:
it fixes broken or corrupted dll which are created after you uninstall
some important program like microsoft office.

On 10/6/19, molly the blind tech lover <brainardmolly@...> wrote:
Hey everyone, Molly here ☺

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

I am wondering, what is NVDA’s com registration fixing tool? I want
to learn as much as I can about NVDA, and I am curious as to what
this tool is and what it is used for. I looked through the NVDA user
guide before posting but I could not find info about it under the
tools section. Perhaps I missed something?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys ☺

Have a great weekend 😊

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