Mastering Github with a screen reader

Alexandre Alves Toco

Eclipse has a good integration with GitHub. I use it in this way because eclipse puts GitHub commands in the contexto menu and puts na greater than sign in the name of a changed file. So it helps alot.



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Hello NVDA folks,


As you may know, Microsoft acquired Github a few years ago. Today Github has become an important tool in many sectors of technology.


I must admit that I have not mastered Github yet, but I want to, and I bet a lot of people on this list are in the same position.


In my communications with friends working at Microsoft, I have advocated for Microsoft Accessibility to step up and sponsor a training program for persons with disabilities to master Github.


Perhaps something already exist, but I have not found it. There was a start at:


but there was no part 2.


And I have found some books at Bookshare, but these are not geared to the screen reader user.


I hope this will start a thread that can help us collect resources and best practices surrounding Github. What tools do people use and how did those that are successful  learn to master Github?







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