Re: Directing NVDA output to a particular audio device


Hi! I followed Kerryn’s steps and it didn’t work for me. Both The computer and NVDA audio was coming through the headphones. I think I want to do what Sile wants to do. I want NVDA to come through my headphones only when they are plugged in the headphone jack and the Computer audio for example music and game sounds to come out the computer speakers. Maybe you need 2 sound cards for that? Which I don’t know how many I have and don’t know how you can tell.

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1. press control NVDA key and s to open synth box
2. tab once to a combo box with options
3. use arro keys to choose your option, for example u s b head phones
4 tab to ok button and press enter

NVDA should be heard in the option you picked

you're done

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I know I have seen a thread about this, but I can't recall what the name of the thread is so couldn't find it in the list archive.

I want to be able to set the audio device that NVDA output goes to so that I can separate it from my main headphone output for presentations.


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