locked Re: music production with NVDA

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 04:14 PM 10/5/2019, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
We are here to help one another, yes, however just like the franchise
I'm in they do not hand hold, not all the time. You are after week 2 on
your own. So yeah on the reaper list we will hold your hand and give
you the tools but after that we don't hand hold if you are asking basic
questions such as How do I go from track 1 to track two. We gave you the
tools, now use them.
It would be easier not to respond to such people with elementary questions than make them feel stupid for asking. We've talked about this on other lists and you just don't get it. Everyone knows they can Google something; responding to their requests telling them to Google contributes absolutely nothing; I wish you'd stop doing that.

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