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Let's do this then:
1. Do let NVDA add-ons list know about your add-on and asking the community to maintain it.
2. I'll ask someone to take a look at this add-on, and if nobody steps up, I'll at least correct the manifest problem so it can at least install on future NVDA releases.


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Hi Joseph,
I'll leave this one up to you. It does have a few bugs that I wouldn't know how to resolve, not knowing enough about the NVDA codebase and Windows API programming (perhaps one of the biggest being that sometimes seemingly at random, operations fail to work, with a close second being that it can easily interfere with applications which have a different purpose for the keys that Clipspeak uses). Based on this, if you still feel that the community has use for it, then anyone who likes may take up the reins.
Meantime, for me, I think I need to do a heck of a lot more reading and experimenting and private failing (yes Damien, note to self, private being the key word there), before I start trying to publish another addon, let alone update my existing ones. I feel like I've already let the community down as it is with my lousy attempts. I'm determined not to metaphorically flood the kitchen next time I wash up.

On 06/10/2019 10:13 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
Mostly having to do with add-on manifest issue. I'm willing to make it "compatible" but if and only if Damien gives the community permission to do so.

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this addon does not work with the latest alpha snaps. i suppose this
is because it is not compatible with python3 yet? Joseph or someone
else can answer.

On 06/10/2019 16:04, Brian Vogel wrote:
Well, Clipspeak
<> is still
downloadable from the NVDA Stable Add-Ons Page
<>, and so long as it
remains there I presume it works. Things generally get removed if
they become incompatible with the current version of NVDA.

Damien Garwood is the author, and is a member of this group. In the
case of Add-Ons, consulting with their respective authors is the best
way to find out whether they're being actively maintained and whether
they are slated to work with the Python 3 code base.

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