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So now, as moderator, I'm posting on this topic, and in opposition to those screaming at Sarah.

Here initial answer was, and I quote, "Google osara and sws for reaper, then follow the directions in the reaper access wiki google that to. As well as joining the group on groups.io that was mensioned already. If you have any issues post them here. We are all happy to help, but we don't do much hand holding."

First.  Telling anyone to do a web search and giving them the necessary search terms, in this case osara paired with reaper and sws paired with reaper, then mentioning that one should access the wiki page for a piece of software is not, in any way, saying, "Just Google it yourself," without providing the means to do so.  I cannot know which of a wide range of resources might be found "most suitable" by any given individual, but giving them the appropriate search terms to get focused results to review to find what they like best is not "being unhelpful" nor is it asking too much of the individual who asked the question.   It is not anyone's responsibility to review and select specific search results for you, just to tell you how to get useful search results for your own review.  If they offer you a favorite, then great, but it's not rude not to have done so.

Also, given how common typos are on this group, I would suggest that folks consider that, given the surrounding context, that "post them here," might very well have been meant as, "post them there," with there being the Reapers without Peepers group.

Contrary to what a lot of people seem to expect, there are lots of groups where a minimal amount of hand holding is done.  This group is not one of those, but it is valuable information to share with folks when you recommend they join and post to a group to set accurate expectations.  There seem to be many here who find "lack of hand holding" to be a personal attack.  Well, it isn't.

I am appalled that so many are willing to leap on someone who offered very useful information, pretty much on a silver platter.  There is no dismissive, "Why don't you just Google it yourself!," element to it.

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