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Oh Sarah! Did you have to swear? I did not like system access! Someone gave us  a key to use it. I did not like it. You can read that person’s mail and all matter of stuff. I had trouble with it from the get go. I tried the free version before that person gave me his key. I uninstalled system access. Not thinking that he’d give me his key. I did not want it. But he would not hear it.  I didn’t want it because I had trouble with it when I wanted to try it for free. When he gave me his key. My computer remembered my bad key. It would not take my friend’s key but somehow he and my room mate got it going. That was why I did not want his key.  I too tried sound forge with my old Compaq xp box.  Just as I was getting the nac to it it decided to slow down so bad I had to give that computer to a sighted person. Then I got my 7 box. I did try total recorder for a free trial but there were things I could not do not until you paid for it.  My old 7 box came with it.


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And frankly that is the best way to learn. I learn sound forge on my own, office 2009 o was it 2010 on my own as my teacher didn't know what he was doing, I taught him system access because jaws went barf. So yeah. I did mean post the question on rwp but we do not do much hand holding there as there are tools there for you to get your info from. They are in the footer of every single message, which reminds me I need to get the latest osara update from there.

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That’s right, Molly. I had a teacher who was like that years ago when I was going to the program called the regional occupation program. She would just hand us the tapes with lessons and would tell us to not ask for help even if we got stuck on something. Eventually it got to the point where I didn’t ask for help anymore even if I really got stuck on something. I did everything myself even if it caused me to have headaches from trying so hard.




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From: molly the blind tech lover
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I think telling someone to just google it defeats the purpose of a mailing list.  what would be the point of asking questions if all someone is told to look up the answer? It  benefits no one


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Amen, Orlando. One of these days she’ll need help with something and I wonder how she’ll feel if somebody else tells her something like “look upp the answer for yourself” without giving her the tools to search. If a question is asked repeatedly, then that’s a different story.




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At 04:14 PM 10/5/2019, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

>We are here to help one another, yes, however just like the franchise

>I'm in they do not hand hold, not all the time. You are after week 2 on

>your own. So yeah on the reaper list we will hold your  hand and give

>you the tools but after that we don't hand hold if you are asking basic

>questions such as How do I go from track 1 to track two. We gave you the

>tools,  now use them.


It would be easier not to respond to such people with elementary

questions than make them feel stupid for asking. We've talked about

this on other lists and you just don't get it. Everyone knows they

can Google something; responding to their requests telling them to

Google contributes absolutely nothing; I wish you'd stop doing that.



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