locked Re: music production with NVDA

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 11:06 PM 10/6/2019, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
And frankly that is the best way to learn. I learn sound forge on my
own, office 2009 o was it 2010 on my own as my teacher didn't know what
he was doing. I taught him system access because jaws went barf. So

I too taught myself everything on Windows on my own, without any formal classes.I began with Windows 95, then 98 and 2000, then XP, where I stayed until Windows 8 came out, at which point I upgraded to 7. I decided to update to Windows 10 as soon as it was released and have never regretted it.
I've taught myself Cakewalk, Sonar, Lime, Sound Forge, Kurzweil 1000, Eudora, Word, etc. So, it's not that I personally enjoy hand holding. I'm the type of learner who assimilates concepts more quickly than specific instructions. And in fact, when people need step-by-step instructions, I often don't post because I can't reproduce what I do quite quickly and don't have the time to go through the paces, noting down every key press and spoken message.
Still, I wholeheartedly defend those who want and need lots of hand holding on email lists. I also think it's a good idea for people with lots of questions to take note of whose responses they like and email them privately, which reduces list traffic.

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