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On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 11:08 AM, Gene wrote:
Most screen-reader commands, such as h for move by heading, don't require such a key. 
I do not consider the "quick navigation" keys, which I do use and teach folks to use, "most screen-reader commands."    They are a tiny minority of the commands and apply on web pages.

I also stated, explicitly, "there are occasions where there may be some overlap, there can't help but be."

Coming back to your original, and I feel, central point:   It's all about training.    And once you train someone regarding how to go about "structured noodling about" to figure out new commands and methods as they come on the scene, they're golden.

Also, as a part of training, teaching the command processing hierarchy:

1.  Windows.   If Windows doesn't recognize the command then
2.  Screen Reader.  If the screen reader doesn't recognize the command then
3.  Application

goes a long way in teaching folks how they must think about each and every command sequence they enter, and why.   It also helps to make the concept of pass-through a bit clearer, as that's necessary when the screen reader would normally process a given command, but that command is also used for a different purpose by the underlying application and you want the application to do its thing.

Trying to develop a sense of which level processes what commands makes one's own life easier, as there are occasional times where what one might expect doesn't happen, and you can then generally figure out why and how to get the result you're actually after.

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