Re: Are web applications that accessible?


On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 12:02 PM, Gene wrote:
Another thing I doubt most people know, is that, when using the find command, typing the first four or five letters of what you are looking for is usually adequate.
And this isn't just true on screen reader finds, either.   As a general first pass one should provide only enough to be distinctive enough to narrow results to what one thinks one wants.   You can't use, say, "the," as a search term and expect to get anything that anyone would want to trudge through.  But, by contrast, using "geot" when you know a document has (or may have) the word "geothermal" in it is generally more than enough.  There just aren't many words in the English language that start with those 4 letters, and specifically if one is dealing with a single document or webpage.

Web searches are a thing of their own, and different.

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