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Kevin Cussick

Hi, agreed, but I also agree that after say 3 months of an author who does not answer queries about His or Her addon should expect someone to take it over without any consent.

On 06/10/2019 22:56, molly the blind tech lover wrote:
I love clipspeak. It is extremely useful.
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I'm not saying that this problem will occur regarding this add-on, I don't think it will, but the possible situation should be discussed.
I saw Joseph's message about needing to obtain permission before making the add-on compatible.  This raises the question of providing, in some sort of agreement regarding add-ons, that under specified conditions an add-on will be considered to be in the public domain.  An add-on that is abandoned but not in the public domain is in danger of not being updated and becoming useless or significantly degraded as NVDA or the program it works with changes.
Of course, the rights of those who provide add-ons for profit should be protected but it is, in my opinion, a serious violation of the spirit of NVDA that an add-on can be abandoned by its developer, and still not be able to be modified to keep it current.
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I just looked at the website listing the compatibility of add-ons with python 3.  It says clipspeak isn't compatible. Here's the link
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this addon does not work with the latest alpha snaps.   i suppose this
is because it is not compatible with python3 yet?   Joseph or someone
else can answer.
On 06/10/2019 16:04, Brian Vogel wrote:
> Well, Clipspeak
> <> is still
> downloadable from the NVDA Stable Add-Ons Page
> <>, and so long as it
> remains there I presume it works.  Things generally get removed if
> they become incompatible with the current version of NVDA.
> Damien Garwood is the author, and is a member of this group.  In the
> case of Add-Ons, consulting with their respective authors is the best
> way to find out whether they're being actively maintained and whether
> they are slated to work with the Python 3 code base.
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