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On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 03:14 PM, Vincent Le Goff wrote:
And all of them offer different keyboard shortcuts.
To an extent that's true, and it's a result of web development history.

Desktop apps (installed application programs) under Windows are a very direct transition from their DOS equivalents way back when, and Microsoft had established a de facto standard surrounding keyboard shortcuts for those, which many people then adopted.

You can see the same sort of thing going on right now, but in a different direction, with Narrator under Windows 10.   It is in the process of becoming more and more JAWS-like since JAWS is the granddaddy of all screen readers in the market and the one that most are familiar with.   Even NVDA clearly has "command DNA" that was adopted from JAWS.

Eventually, some dominant paradigm will emerge victorious (think back to Beta versus VHS, for those here old enough to get the referent).   There has been a decades long trend toward this sort of thing occurring across different software (and, even to some extent, operating systems).

We just so happen to be in the infancy of that battle, on the bleeding edge as is often said.  Eventually the bleeding stops.

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