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My ultrabook workstation doesn't come with a cd drive.

However there are cheap lg ones you can  buy and the drives don't cost that much.

In fact there are drives designed for basic ultrabooks and the like and I'd never go back.

On 11/10/2019 5:00 pm, Annette Moore wrote:

Yes, mine did, but this machine is nearly six years old now--my, how time does fly! I hear a lot of the newer ones now don't, though. I'd be lost without a CD Rom drive because my choir music from church still comes on CD's. I suppose, though, I could talk my choir director into getting Dropbox and we could share files that way if necessary, but for now, I can still use and rip the CD's he gives me on this machine using CDEX. that's good you can get external CDRom drives.


On 10/10/2019 10:54 PM, Arlene wrote:

Anette, did your computer come with a cd rom drive?  This ten box did not come with one. I did purchase a external cd rom drive.  


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I use Cdex, but all I do is insert my CD, hit f9 and it starts ripping. I don't do anything else and I don't know how the program works aside from that. I find my ripped CD in the mp3 folder under users/music/mp3. Hope this helps. Oh, and this is under windows 10, but I used it like that under Windows 8 as well.


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Hi, Arleen,


I use a program called Anyburn to burn CD's. For ripping I use windows media player. Hit your windows logo key and type "windows media player" without the quotes and hit enter. I tried CDex but found it kind of complicated.






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Hi list: Arlene here. How does one rip and burn cds with windows ten? I was trying to rip a cd with my new win ten computer.  I have a external disk drive. How does one find windows Media player? Do you use it with win ten or can you use other players like Winamp or what my computer came with was groove Music. Can I rip or burn with any of these players like goldwave groove music and winamp?


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