locked OT: Windows 10 update behaving oddly since yesterday - Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.418)

Jacob Kruger

Yesterday evening, as I was telling windows 10 to shut down, it informed me that it had to install an update, so I told it to go ahead, and, left it running until it had powered off.

Now, this morning, the start menu, focus returning to things like thunderbird, after I close a message was reading, etc., etc. are not cooperating like they did yesterday.

In case it could make a difference, I tried firing up the latest alpha version of NVDA running in portable mode, but, no change.

In other words, wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, and, if I should try something like a clean install of NVDA, or is this simply the latest tweak to windows 10's own interface - for example, neither windows key + M, or windows key + D will bring focus to the desktop, or minimise all windows, and, if I manage to get focus into the windows status bar, using windows key + B, or by tabbing around a bit, it only seems to allow me to navigate through roundabout 5 icons/items, whereas, if I use the sysTrayList NVDA add-on, then there are 9 of them hovering around there.

In other words, is this a brand new tweak to the windows UI, or is there possibly something else I should try find/correct?

And, asking this here, since I have never had this form of a problem in terms of windows UI interaction before while working with NVDA, so, don't really think there's an issue there, but, don't know where else to ask.

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