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Damien Garwood

Hi Wayne,
Very useful tip, thanks for that!

On 11/10/2019 03:39 pm, wayne wrote:
When you're talking about cdex sometimes there are things you don't think about trying, that would include me. What I'm going to say doesn't work on every program, but it worked with cdex. after downloading the most recent version of cdex, I thought lets just try to unzip it, and of course depending on how the program is packed it will either work or not work. but with cdex it does, so just create a shortcut to the program, put it on your desktop and you're ready to use cdex without spyware. If you want to manipulate the ini file it will be somewhere in your applications folder, most likely. I have had great success with windows 7 and windows 10.
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Hi Arlene,
For ripping, I use GoldWave (goldwave.com). Unfortunately that isn't free, and it isn't a dedicated CD ripper even though it is very good at it.
I used to use the free dedicated ripper CDEX (cdex.mu), until it became riddled with adware. Of course, there is still the portable version, but that is quite a bit older.
Note that these tools cannot burn CD's.
For burning, I have been using a program called CDBurnerXP (cdburnerxp.se) for a while now. Don't get confused by the "XP" in the name - I have successfully used it on Windows 7 and beyond. Note though that the default installer comes with InstallCore (some kind of advertising platform), so to get the clean installer and/or portable version you need to click on the "more download options" link on the download page. That is a free burner that can do everything from CD to DVD, data or audio.
All three tools are more or less totally accessible with NVDA and are, in my view, a lot simpler and a lot more flexible than using Winamp's equivalents or the builtin Windows tools.
Hope this helps.

On 11/10/2019 05:02 am, Arlene wrote:
It’s true. This new win ten box came without one. I did have to buy an external cd rom.

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Yes, mine did, but this machine is nearly six years old now--my, how time does fly! I hear a lot of the newer ones now don't, though. I'd be lost without a CD Rom drive because my choir music from church still comes on CD's. I suppose, though, I could talk my choir director into getting Dropbox and we could share files that way if necessary, but for now, I can still use and rip the CD's he gives me on this machine using CDEX. that's good you can get external CDRom drives.


On 10/10/2019 10:54 PM, Arlene wrote:

    Anette, did your computer come with a cd rom drive? This ten box
    did not come with one. I did purchase a external cd rom drive.

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    I use Cdex, but all I do is insert my CD, hit f9 and it starts
    ripping. I don't do anything else and I don't know how the program
    works aside from that. I find my ripped CD in the mp3 folder under
    users/music/mp3. Hope this helps. Oh, and this is under windows 10,
    but I used it like that under Windows 8 as well.


    On 10/10/2019 10:16 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

        Hi, Arleen,

        I use a program called Anyburn to burn CD's. For ripping I use
        windows media player. Hit your windows logo key and type
        "windows media player" without the quotes and hit enter. I tried
        CDex but found it kind of complicated.


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        Hi list: Arlene here. How does one rip and burn cds with windows
        ten? I was trying to rip a cd with my new win ten computer. I
        have a external disk drive. How does one find windows Media
        player? Do you use it with win ten or can you use other players
        like Winamp or what my computer came with was groove Music. Can
        I rip or burn with any of these players like goldwave groove
        music and winamp?

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