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            This question is off-topic for here, but I'll try to give you some help before I lock it.

             First, if you are experiencing unexpected issues immediately or very shortly after any Windows update has been applied, then the first thing you should do is use the Windows 10 built-in capability to uninstall the latest update that’s suspected of causing the issue:

1.     Open Settings, Update & Security.  This should take you to the Windows Update Pane by default.

2.     In the Windows Update Pane, locate the View update history control, and activate it.

3.     In the View Update History dialog, locate the Uninstall updates link and activate it.

4.     In the Installed Updates dialog, the updates will be listed in groupings, with the groups alphabetically ordered, and the items within each group ordered by date – most recently installed first (if no one has changed the defaults).  In most cases, you’ll be looking to uninstall a Microsoft Windows update, and those are generally the final group.  The number of updates available for uninstalling is shown in parentheses after the Microsoft Windows group name.

5.     Almost all Windows Updates will have a KB number associated with them, and if you know that use this as what you search on for the actual update.  Select it.

6.     Activate the Uninstall button located above the list of updates, and the selected update will be uninstalled.

If uninstalling the update causes the issue to disappear then either there is an issue with the update itself or it possibly could have "burped" during being applied and not been applied 100% correctly.   One hopes that the next time it applies that it will either have had a fix made and/or will not have any issues during installation.

There is a group, Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users, that is appropriate for this question and where it's likely to get an answer or answers far more rapidly than it might here:
Subscribe: win10+subscribe@win10.groups.io
Post: win10@win10.groups.io

We also have the NVDA Chat Subgroup, but in this case I'd strongly suggest "going to the source."

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