Re: NVDA and CCleaner


CCleaner interface is not accessible.

There is a way round that, use the portable version.

The settings for everything can be toggled in the ini file.

If you find something which doesn't exist, hit space once and it will appear in the ini file.

Most settings can  bee toggled from 1 to 0.

0 is unticked, 1 is ticked.

They are aware of this, but the ini file for most of it can be edited quite easily.

The installer is riddled with avast malware anyway, and the portable allows you to do everything, including disabling uac for ccleaner, and extra things.

You can even create the run and open from recycle bin.

You don't get the program group or have it start by default but you can do that to.

My only gripe is that you can not turn quick clean off in settings and in fact once a day easy clean and software updater will be toggled on so I have to edit the ini file daily and change a few lines but thats about it.

On 12/10/2019 11:25 am, Ján Kulik wrote:
Hi all,
Are you using CCleaner with NVDA? I found that when selecting an item in CCleaner, NVDA does not report check boxes. This is quite annoying, because I think it could be done so that NVDA announces check boxes in CCleaner.
It might be a good idea to contact the developer who is in charge, some users are reporting problems.

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