Re: NVDA keeps on crashing while switching windows

Luke Davis

What version of NVDA do you have? (NVDA menu, help, about)
What version of Windows do you have? (Windows+R, winver, enter)

When did this problem start? Had you done anything right before that, such as install a windows update, or some new software, or update Chrome, or something?

I know it's an old drum inside of a dead horse that I keep beating, but have you run the NVDA COM Registration Fixing Tool, from the NVDA Tools menu?


On Sat, 12 Oct 2019, help tech accessibility wrote:

i have this super duper Bugg,
which doesn't let me do anything on my pc without restarting NVDA every 10 minutes or so.
for instance, if i'm using Chrome and then i switched to notepad,
then came back to Chrome, NVDA acts so weird.
It hardly speaks anything, and doesn't complete the commands.

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