Re: How do I set up a keyboard short cut to start NVDA?

Bianka Brankovic <bianka.brankovic@...>

Hello Hermann,

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as we are talking about alt+control+n to start NVDA:
I'm using the latest Version of NVDA in connection with Windows 10.
The hotkey alt+control+n is active so I'm told by Windows.
But it doesn't work.
Is it recommended to run NVDA as an administrator to correct this?

I had a similar issue last week when I tried to update NVDA fromm my normal user account. In my case NVDA froze when windows asked me for my admin password and I had to ask a co-worker to help me to log in and reinstall NVDA from my administrator account.

Now, it starts again automatically at login and the shortcut works in both the admin and the user account.

My suggestion for you would be to reinstall NVDA from your admin account.

Kind regards,

Bianka Brankovic

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