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Chris Mullins


Activate NVDA menu and go to preferences, speech dictionary menu.  Press enter on  the Voice dictionary and add an entry.  Include the initial capital, the trailing period and check the case sensitive box.  Use the OK buttons to save the data.  The trailing period is important as for example, “John Wainwright & Co Ltd” is where Company would apply.




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I wonder if anyone can advise how I can get NVDA to say “County” when it meets the contraction “Co.” in an address line?


I am using “ETI Eloquence” as my speech engine in NVDA 2016.2 and Windows 10.


This is the common way to present the County in both the UK and Ireland. For example, I live in County Wicklow and this is represented in my address line as “Co. Wicklow”. However, NVDA says “Company Wicklow” every time!


How can I fix this?

All advice and thoughts are welcome.



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