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I should add that I didn't notice that this message is on the NVDA list, so I won't get into a detailed discussion here. 
I will say, however, because this is NVDA related, that you may find that NVDA annoyingly reads all the Virtual Recorder controls when you first open the program and you can't stop it.  Aside frm that time wasting annoyance, NVDA works well with the program.
Also, I'm using a quite old version of NVDA and I'm using a modified version of the program.  You're results may differ.  But I wanted those who use the program not to think it is unusable if they see this behavior.

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If you only want to do this one time for one situation and have no general interest in recording, do you have anything like a digital recorder or a tape recorder you can use? 
The easiest way, using a computer program might well be a program called Virtual Recorder.  But you can't edit with the program and if you care about that, if you have something like a digital recorder, that would be easier if you know how to edit with it.
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Subject: [nvda] Capturing computer audio


What is the easiest way to capture the audio from NVDA - I have to send
feedback on a webpage to Google and they asked me to navigate and send
them the audio output.



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