Re: Are web applications that accessible?


On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 04:27 AM, Vincent Le Goff wrote:
I'm convinced that web developers don't really think about accessibility unless they are reminded that not all users have a mouse or a screen to browse the web.
And it's not just web developers.   There has been great improvement in recent years in designing in accessibility, and accessibility issues are now identified in academic programs in computer science, but it will be years until programmers trained to think about accessibility as a "natural part" of programming have taken over the programming world and old code is slowly but surely replaced.

It is always worthwhile to point out accessibility issues since, as you note, some have never thought about them at all.  Consciousness raising is worth doing, if for no other reason than what may be produced in the future by those who had never had accessibility as a consideration in the past.

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