Re: waterfox new version scheme


Hi to the List,
Yes, but there I only found the 56.2.14 and not the 2019 version therefor my question.
Greetings, Wolfram

Shaun Everiss schrieb: is where you get waterfox from.

On 16/10/2019 11:46 am, Wolf Berg via Groups.Io wrote:
can one get Waterfox 2019 classic outside the Git I mean get it from the Waterfox website or only from git in the moment?
Greetings, Wolfram

Robert Kingett schrieb:

Woot! I can stick with waterfox classic for a little while longer! Although, maintaining 2 browsers seems like a hue task, so I am highly questionable of the life of waterfox classic.

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