Re: waterfox new version scheme


Well that version seems to be gone and I wouldn't actually install it.

It did work, but it stopped youtube videos from playing and aparently from comments effected some video plugins.

I left a message on the makers reddit about this to which sadly seems to be the only way of contacting them but oh well.

Point is, its just not ready to go.

Its not a big showstopper I guess if you never play a video from an online site like twitch or youtube but else it is.

On 16/10/2019 11:14 pm, Wolf Berg via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi to the List,
Yes, but there I only found the 56.2.14 and not the 2019 version therefor my question.
Greetings, Wolfram

Shaun Everiss schrieb: is where you get waterfox from.

On 16/10/2019 11:46 am, Wolf Berg via Groups.Io wrote:
can one get Waterfox 2019 classic outside the Git I mean get it from the Waterfox website or only from git in the moment?
Greetings, Wolfram

Robert Kingett schrieb:

Woot! I can stick with waterfox classic for a little while longer! Although, maintaining 2 browsers seems like a hue task, so I am highly questionable of the life of waterfox classic.

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