Re: Use Chrome extension?


I am uncertain what you mean by "launch them."   Extensions are active once installed.

In any Chromium-based browser, the Extensions Manager itself can be accessed by ALT,Down Arrow,L,E.   This will open the Extensions Manager browser tab where you can choose to disable or remove any extension you have previously installed.  If there are settings for a given extension these are generally accessed via its button, which is presented sandwiched in the area to the right of the omnibar/address box and to the left of the menu button.  Hitting ALT to throw focus to the menu button and then left arrowing will take you through the extension buttons for the extensions you have installed that present buttons for settings.

If you're looking for new extensions those come from the Chrome Web Store - Extensions Section in the case of Chrome itself and many Chromium-based browsers will also accept extensions sourced there.   

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