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Sarah k Alawami

You can do the same with obs.but for some reason my keys brake. I just edit out the stuff afterwords so for me it's no issue. If you want to know what I mean visit my youtube page. The link is in my sig.

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On 16 Oct 2019, at 1:58, Chris Mullins wrote:


If I do not want NVDA to spoil a recording I switch it to silent mode.  I record a lot from Youtube and the fact that there are shortcut keys to control Virtual Recorder, means I can put focus on the start button of YouTube, use NVDA+s to put NVDA in silent mode, press Windows+Control+g to start the recorder, then press enter to start Youtube playing.  When I’ve recorded what I want, I press Windows+Control+h to stop recording, NVDA+s twice to restore NVDA speech, then do whatever I need to do with Youtube.  Virtual Recorder also has a settting to silence system sounds, so yu don’t get the chime of arriving emails halfway through your recording.  Works a treat.





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If you use Audacity or other programs to capture Audio. Wil any screen reader be heard in the back ground?


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Audacity is good at this. They have a tutorial page that instructs on how to do





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> What is the easiest way to capture the audio from NVDA - I have to send

> feedback on a webpage to Google and they asked me to navigate and send them

> the audio output.




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