Re: wx and python 3.8.0

Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  With reference to the wxPython mailing list, The developer has not yet made a version compatible with Python 3.80.  It will be out in a few days, duration not made known, and also the version not made clear as he is still thinking about whether he should be extending the current 4.06 build of wxPython or versioning it straight to 4.07.  Cheers!

On 10/17/2019 1:56 AM, Vincent Le Goff wrote:

Setting as Python 3.8 is really recent, I think we'd need a few weeks for dependencies to catch up and provide a version for Python 3.8.  Which, of course, is not necessary for Python libraries as they will remain compatible, but wxPython itself is not only written in Python, and pillow might not either.  Python 3.8 will not be considered stable before some time (we're still with the first release candidate after all, and it was published at the end of September if I'm not mistaken).

I, too, am dying to use the := operator, but I'll advise to wait a bit for third-party libraries.



On 10/16/2019 2:06 PM, lali wrote:
Dear all!

    I wanted to install wxpython in python 3.8 with

pip install wxpython

And one requirement could not be satisfied.

Pillow cannot install, because zlib library headers aren't available.

What shall I do?

Or shall I keep using python 3.7?



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