Re: [NVDA pronouncing "County" as "Company" in address line

Kevin Huber

Hi Cearbhall:

Try going into the Voice dictionary and changing it using the following method:

1. Press insert-n to open the NVDA menu.
2. Arrow down to Preferrences and press the right arrow key to open
the preferences submenu.
3. Arrow down to Voice Dictionary and press the right arrow to open
that submenu.
4. Arrow down to Speech Dictionary and press the Enter key.
5. Tab to the Add button and press the spacebar or the Enter key to
activate that button.
6. Type the original word, in your case, you would type Co
7. Press the tab key and then type the word that you want to replace
it with, in your case, you would type the word County.
8. Tab to OK and press the Enter key.
9. Make sure that the settings will be maintained by going into the
NVDA menu, arrowing to Save Configuration and press the Enter key.

I hope this helps.
Kevin Huber

On 7/24/16, Cearbhall O'Meadhra <> wrote:

I wonder if anyone can advise how I can get NVDA to say "County" when it
meets the contraction "Co." in an address line?

I am using "ETI Eloquence" as my speech engine in NVDA 2016.2 and Windows

This is the common way to present the County in both the UK and Ireland.
example, I live in County Wicklow and this is represented in my address
as "Co. Wicklow". However, NVDA says "Company Wicklow" every time!

How can I fix this?

All advice and thoughts are welcome.

All the best,


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