Windows 10 App Essentials 19.10.2 on October 1h, next update requires NVDA 2019.2.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,


Windows 10 App Essentials 19.10.2 will hit the air on October 18th (as of time of this writing, tomorrow). This version includes a subtle change to emoji panel support to make it align with several pull requests sent to NV Access.


IMPORTANT: 19.10.2 will be the last version to support NVDA 2019.1, with 19.11 requiring NVDA 2019.2.1. This decision was made to ease the transition to NVDA 2019.3 from this add-on later this year. As I noted from a few months ago, a future version of Windows 10 App Essentials (not 19.11) will require NVDA 2019.3 for reasons not related to Python 3 – there were changes made in NVDA 2019.3 which makes certain features and workarounds from this add-on unnecessary. Coupled with preparing to end support for October 2018 Update from this add-on in January 2020, I felt it is way easier to assume you’re using latest NVDA public release ahead of schedule to make my life less complicated (I know I sound selfish, but given tons of changes between NVDA 2019.1 and upcoming 2019.3, it makes sense; for instance, there is a new handy function in Windows version module (introduced in 2019.2) that makes it possible to easily detect if you’re on Windows 10 or a specific revision of Windows 10, and NVDA 2019.3 will announce correct product information and version for universal apps, something the add-on currently includes for older NVDA releases).


As for Windows 10 App Essentials and NVDA 2019.3 (specifically, requiring 2019.3), I’ll announce when the switchover will occur after 2019.3 beta is released.



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