Replacing an Input Gesture


I am using Windows 10 (with all automatic updates installed), NVDA 2019.2.1, and a Braille Edge display. The HIMS driver is installed.
I began editing the Input gestures. I did not realize removing all gestures for a command, E.G. Alt_F4, would entirely remove the command as well. 
Now that the command is gone, How do I get it back? 
First, I looked through the documentation to see if I could re-enter the Alt+F4 command and found nothing. Next, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling NVDA. Finally, I repeated the uninstall/reinstall process. This time, however, I removed all NVDA folders I could find. These things did not fix the problem. 
I can think of two things that might have kept me out of trouble. 
1. Notify the user that removing the final option for an Input Gesture will remove the gesture, too. 
2. Have a method for creating gestures. In my case, this would allow me to replace the functionality I accidentally deleted. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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