Golden Cursor 3.8, SystrayList 3.7, important notes about these add-ons #addonrelease


Hi everyone,


Golden Cursor 3.8 and SystrayList 3.7 are now available. These releases ship with latest localization updates. As always, they can be found by checking for updates via Add-on Updater add-on or visiting the community add-ons website.


IMPORTANT: please keep the following in mind:


  1. Last version compatible with old NVDA releases: today’s releases are compatible with old NVDA releases, and they are indeed the last releases to be compatible with them. The next release of these add-ons will require NVDA 2019.3 or later; thus, they will come out shortly after NVDA 2019.3 stable version is released.
  2. Penultimate versions from me: a few months ago I announced to the NVDA add-ons community that I’ll be handing over maintenance of Golden Cursor and SystrayList add-ons to the community, and at least for Golden Cursor, at least one person is willing to maintain it. At the moment I’m maintaining these add-ons on behalf of the community as we lost contact with authors of Golden Cursor.
  3. Development releases will be removed: on October 31, 2019, development versions of these two add-ons will be removed from community add-ons website. Those using Add-on Updater to check for development releases of Golden Cursor and SystrayList are advised to switch to stable channel today (to do so, go to NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater, and under “prefer development releases” list, uncheck these two add-ons).




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