Re: Replacing an Input Gesture


Thank you for your help. I thought I deleted the NVDA folder in my user profile. Several settings had to be reset, when I reinstalled NVDA the second time. I figured that was proof.
All I know is this. When I followed your instructions, all available commands were back. I could set Alt+F4 to my preference. Of course, I had to re-enter other gestures, too. 
Just for fun, I decided to see if I could edit the Gestures file directly. I am an avid Excel user. Therefore, a gesture for F2 is essential. Copying the form of the F4 gesture, I added an entry for F2. It works!
Although I fixed my mistake, I truly believe removing all available gestures from an existing command should not entirely delete the command.
There were many unassigned commands in the original Gestures.ini file. 
Again, thank you so very much. I learned a lot today.

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