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They do. Whoever created e speak. Made it worth it. 


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they've definitely gotten better


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That’s why when I use NVDA. I’m happy with the voices it comes with. They’ve improved over time.


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I used to use the code factory vocalizer eloquence add-on. But there were issues with the licensing. Every time my computer or NVDA received updates the add-on would display a message telling me to reactivate my license or something along those lines.  So I switched to one of the Microsoft voices and it works for me.


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I said I would reply to the subject about the downtime with atguys and code factory servers.


I assume this will work for eloquence to, reactivating on the same id because of a downed connection and non varification on the server will not mean you lose your seat.


If you are made inactive you need to reenter your licence key again but otherwise things will continue to work as expected.


It did take most of a 24 hour period for a responce, but there was a responce none the less.


Of course if thats not the case, you should contact code factory with your key and id so they can reset it.


I am happy I havn't lost my ids though as that would be a bit annoying.


This is one of the downsides of these online activations, the system goes down or the company goes bank rupt and your purchiced products are dead with that company to.


I don't use any of my high quality synths for anything really important like screen reading fortunately but I do use them for such things as book reading and most importantly gaming.


Knowing the potential issue with online servers going down though, unless you really like it, I wouldn't use anything bar espeak or a free synth for nvda just in case it dropps.


You would need to use narator in win10 to get speech to switch synths.


That does prompt the question, I think we need a key combo, for if this happens and your system is in an unusable state, though I am not sure how to handle this, that a key be assigned to reset nvda's speech preffs either that, or if there is a way for nvda to check status of activations in synth addons, and if those servers drop or something else, nvda will autoswitch to espeak.


This does also bring another potential pitfall into the equation.


This is a laptop, however, if I am offline for any reason, there is a chance my speech synth will not work.


If I am offline and travling the likelyhood I will need to game with headsets is unlikely, but its worth noting on the go, that if you drop the net, your synth will eventually check itself and see if it is active or not and if its unable, it will deactivate itself.


I realise its a necessary evil to stop cracking of the licence and for control, but it does make me wander what would happen if I am away for an extended period of time.


With everyone on win10, the ms voices will be fine, but I'd hate to know what would happen on other windows os types.


I actually had that happen with some software for security on a couple friend's computers.


In 1 case he was able to stop it loading and upgrade the licence.


But in the other case it locked his system and wouldn't allow it to start until he got a new licence.


The net was down at the time, and he couldn't get round it.


A reformat made that issue go away, but he decided to use something else after that.


My point is, using comercial software that phones home periodically if you have an unstable connection or are away for long periods may not be a good idea.


Sadly, unless you use older software there isn't that sort of thing going on.


Happily I am happy with espeak for initial work and could use it for normal tasks.


However, maybe maybe there should be an updated list of free or comercial sapi voices which don't phone home for things especially if something like this happens.


Down times and crashes happen, and in this cases I notified people and they were fixed smartly, but what if it was more than a day or 2 and you needed that software to work.











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