Re: Libreoffice and text highlighting

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

Well, those that related to NVDA of libreoffice?
I could not find the item with tab, but if I use scan mode of OBJ pad, I was able to find the item.

V Stuart Foote 於 24/10/2019 0:16 寫道:

Hi William,

In the document canvas select the text you would like to highlight.

Use F6 key to cycle to the Formatting Toolbar

Use Tab key to move to the Highlight Color dropdown button

Use Enter key to highlight the selected text with the color set for highlight

but if you need to check color, or pick a different color the, use the down cursor to open the color picker

at that point selection is NVDA screen navigation with mouse, on mouse over of each color patch the color name will sound. Click to select, it will apply highlight  to the selected text--and set that color for additional highlighting.

Use F10 to toggle back into the document, or back to the standard menu.

San Antonio, Texas

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Subject: [nvda] Libreoffice and text highlighting
According to the following help article,
I could not use NVDA to find the option to highlight selected text.
Could any one help me out?

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