Re: Replacing an Input Gesture


Hi, Luke.

I'm sorry' if I wasn't clear. I began my first message with:
"I am using Windows 10 (with all automatic updates installed), NVDA 2019.2.1, and a Braille Edge display. The HIMS driver is installed."
I assumed it was clear that I was remapping commands for the Braille Edge. 
There are several reasons for doing this. 
1. I have a VarioUltra 20, which I use with NVDA and The Braille Extender add-on. I love the functionality Braille Extender adds to NVDA' and I desired the same with the Edge. The Edge is not supported by Braille Extender. But, the developer points out that changes can be made through the Input Gestures dialog.
2. My hands are small' and several of the default mappings for commands are awkward. 
3. I want gestures to make more use of the Edge's eight function keys.
4. I want some gestures to more closely match their Vu counterparts in Braille Extender, so my memory is not taxed from display to display.
5. It is cold' dismal, and rainy here' so I have a perfect excuse for sitting down and learning.
I am not changing what Alt+F4 does. And Alt+F4 as a keystroke did not disappear.
However, when I located Alt+F4 among the many Emulated System Keyboard   Keys and removed the single gesture for it, Alt+4 was no longer in the list of keys to emulate. I had no idea how to retrieve it other than to obliterate whatever file I had altered in order to restore the defaults. 
thus my attempts to uninstall and reinstall NVDA. Chris gave me instructions on how to do what I wanted. I followed them and remapped all the gestures I had created.
While I was at it, I examined the Gestures.ini file and manually created a gesture for F2. 
If I ever make the mistake of removing all mappings for a gesture in the future, I know I can re-enter it manually, or ,i can install the backup of the Gestures.ini file ,i am keeping in another folder.
I hope this clarifies the matter. 

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