Re: Replacing an Input Gesture

Luke Davis

On Fri, 25 Oct 2019, Suzy wrote:

I'm sorry' if I wasn't clear. I began my first message with:
No, I'm sorry, I did not initially pay close attention to this thread because I was a week behind in list mail and trying to catch up quickly. I'm sure you were perfectly clear.

However, when I located Alt+F4 among the many Emulated System Keyboard   Keys and removed the single gesture for it, Alt+4 was no longer in the list of keys
to emulate. I had no idea how to retrieve it other than to obliterate whatever file I had altered in order to restore the defaults. 
I really don't think that should happen.
I am just wondering at how best to debug this.
I don't have a braille display, so can't do it locally.
But if it's a recurrent problem, it needs to be worked on, which means someone needs to file an issue for it.

Would you or someone be willing to replicate this process in a portable copy with debugging turned on, and then provide a copy of the log?


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