Re: lengthy reading in Braille

David Csercsics


Yes, I’ve hit this as well. Just make sure the power plan is high performance, or that nothing can cause the computer to sleep. If the screen saver or sleep activates, then this would occur. The bigger problem is that you cannot get braille on UAC or log on screens reliably, and that braille support is fairly crippled without the braille extender add-on for most braille displays as compared to other screen readers. However I’m a primary braille user, though I never use braille input because the translator lag makes touch typing quicker, even though I have to pick up the keyboard to do it. Having to install add-ons for braille seems very silly indeed, as I’d think for those that have displays since a lot of us prefer braille to speech anyway, that seems like a basic feature. I’d say for serious braille reading though, braille Extender is a required install. The key commands are a bit odd compared to other screen readers, but they work well. Incidentally the same problem happens with braille on iOS. If you stop moving your display or something for a few seconds it’ll disconnect. I’m not sure what the best way should be to handle this by default though.

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