Re: Firefox addon and shortcut to read address


I use waterfox classic and will probably continue to use it till I die, though with the addon enhancements, I am seriously thinking of trying waterfox current or firefox with the extra addons and the like installed to see if now that everyone seems to be using the new mozilla framework if I get better access with the quantom branch.

In thunderbird, my access has not changed, though I do not use addons so don't need to fiddle with the addon interfaces.

On 26/10/2019 7:57 am, Vincent Le Goff wrote:
Hi everyone,

Am I the only one using Firefox, the mozilla NVDA addon and experiencing issues when pressing NVDA + A to read the address bar?  I've become quite fond of this shortcut but I always get "Address not found".  Before reporting to the addon developer I would like to check.  It might be something else entirely, if no one has the same issue.




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